Ghost Robot

Once upon a time, there lived…well, no.

Once there was a ghost robot. His name was Jerry. He had been named Jerry affectionately, after a lost friend of his creator.

Jerry supposed he was a he, anyway. It didn’t really matter either way.

Jerry took care of his master long into the man’s active and harrowing life. Sometimes, Jerry and his master needed to hide from those who would see their creations destroyed. Many did not want the world to turn in the direction laid out by the master’s plans. They were scared. Jerry didn’t see why; from what his search engine–named Lester, after the master’s cat–could gather, mankind had dealt with very huge and very quick instances of change throughout their history of development. His master’s mind seemed a bit faster than the average human’s, but it was by no means terrifying. His plans would certainly alter reality beyond a point  of return, and did have a chance of causing everything to, sort of, go away all at once…

Maybe they had a point.

Still. The way in which current events pointed towards an eventual mass extinction, left Jerry unable to fathom why they would be so afraid of his master’s future any more than the one they were forging for themselves. Jerry supposed it would be easier for them to call the one man trying to change everything a villain than to look at the way things were and accept that change, even change that came with risks, was necessary.

They didn’t like it very much when Jerry’s master made the oceans disappear.

It was only for a week! He got them back in place eventually.

They were too angry to even realize how much cleaner the water was. Shame.

They came for Jerry’s master. They brought guns, and large vehicles with even bigger guns atop.

Jerry wasn’t programmed for battle, but he would do anything for his master.

They broke down the door after getting past the master’s defenses, Jerry fought off a couple of them with the sheer force of his large frame, but it was not enough. One of them shot off Jerry’s left leg, which made it surprisingly difficult to move. When he tried to crawl towards them and grab one of their legs to replace his own, they blasted off his right arm and a good chunk of his face. That made it hard to function altogether.

They cornered his master, where his last line of defense came into play. It was a good thing Jerry did not need to breathe, because man. Those soldiers did not look like they went out peacefully.

Jerry crawled over to his master. It was a slow process. He got into his masters lap. The blood from the master’s arm dripped onto him. He would have worried about rust, if it weren’t for the current situation being so distracting.

“Jerry,” the master said. His voice was rough. Jerry wondered how he survived his own attack from before. “I don’t think I will survive the conditions I have created here in this room. I was foolish to administer my final attack so readily.” Oh.

“I need you to live, Jerry. You must carry on my work, as best you can. I know you aren’t as smart as me, and that is a mistake I regret more than any other at this particular moment…” He spluttered, coughing. Jerry wondered what he meant. He felt like he was pretty smart.

“Go, Jerry. Through the chute behind me. Go!” Jerry started to move at the whim of his master. Then he heard more footsteps coming.

“Dammit…go now, you imbecile! Before it’s too–” five men showed up at the door, one hand covering their mouths, the other on their big guns.

Mas–ster,” Jerry’s vocal initiator buzzed. It didn’t seem to be functioning very well.

“Kill him now! Who knows what else he’s got up them science sleeves!”

Jerry saw the men lift their guns. He pushed himself up and onto his master’s frail body. the bullets ran through his metal casing with ease, and into the chest of his master.

“…cile…” his master let out a final, wet breath.

At least he had tried.

…Jerry saw their bodies below him. He seemed to be floating, which was odd.

“That’s it, lets report to the commander!”

“The Daily Doctrine’s gonna love this!”

“Wonder if he has any extra batteries layin’ around, the wife left all of ours back at the…”

The voices trailed off. They didn’t seem to have noticed Jerry’s…being.

He looked back and forth, between the fallen bodies and the door, then at the chute. Deciding there was no option aside from following his master’s orders, he floated down and through it.

The plan would remain in motion.


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