A Title, I’m Sure

There have been a great number of posts on the Reddit recently about everything wrong with America. Healthcare, education, debt, the police–you name it, I guarantee it has come up in the past 48 hours.

It caused me to ask this question;

“If Americans collectively wrote a novel about everything that was wrong with their country and how to change it, what would you contribute, and who would you want on the team of editors?”

I got far too excited about it.

I was like, “wow, if this catches on, I could be the inception of change! We could really do something here, get everyone involved and take a step forward in making our lives less miserable!”

It didn’t get any attention, but the fire kept burning in me for a while after anyway.

I thought of making a webcomic called Citizen Voice, where he talks in the words of the common wo/man and fights dirty old white guys with money. It would be awesome and fun.

Then I remembered I can’t draw. And, I also don’t know much about how to fix things. I suppose I could research it, but even then I would be wrong.

It’s a shame. I was so close to being on The Today Show and such. Just needed more upvotes.

I think something could really come of this idea, but I also feel really naive in thinking so. The moments I believe I can change the world are the moments I feel the most childish. I don’t really know anything. I’ve heard that no one else really does either, so I guess that’s a cause for comfort.

I just wish I could help. If I did start some sort of movement and head it in any way, it probably wouldn’t play out as I would want it to. I would want to have a perfect country in 5-10 years, then spend the rest of my life blissfully playing video games, knowing I had done my part in this life. I would probably do more than just that…Probably.

I mainly just want to work from home, and have benefits. Even with benefits, I hear going to the doctor is pretty expensive. I haven’t been to a doctor for a checkup in at least eight years. It’s a pretty fun game, having random things go a little awry with your body, hoping they just sort of go away on their own. Going to get it checked up on would certainly be too expensive right now, so it better actually threaten my life.

The modern day is pretty hilarious. Like, the dark kind of hilarious. The sort that you need to get through nights of anxious sleeplessness.

I keep being woken up by needing to piss alongside dreams of free buffets. I haven’t been able to sleep afterwards.

It is somewhat difficult to not drink during the week. I wish it didn’t ruin my sleep and body so skillfully. I would substitute it with pot, but that would just render me unable to write these posts. I would watch old videos and laugh instead. It’s a little easier, and much more immediately gratifying.

At least I’ve done this for three days in a row now. That’s a nice feeling.

I wonder if I can cheat, and post stories and such on here that I have written in the past. I guess I would have to follow it with something new and original. Still, I have a few things I would probably fit right in here.

I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, mind you. I have no idea what sort of place this is. Seems like a dumping space for my mind, thus far.

I like it right now, what with the zero views. It makes it feel rather safe. Even so, it fails to feel like a journal or a diary to me. I do kind of get the sense that I’m talking to someone else, even though I’m not. I wonder if there’s a word for that. If there was, it would probably make for a much better blog title.

I would love to have a vlog accompany this, but I hate my terrible webcam and equally terrible lighting. My stupid face and hair I could deal with, but those things…no. It would just be painful.

I would like to have readers just so I could wish someone well at the end of this. That would feel nice.

If you, whoever you are, stumble upon this, well then hey. Listen up. You are incredibly awesome, and you are going to do some pretty fantastic shit in your life. Hell, you probably already have! That’s pretty cool. You’re cool. Keep being cool.

Coolio is a stupid name.


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