Sidewalk Poem

You’ll make your way along the song of

concrete wailing, and sail

that elder ship you call home

alongside another who once

could have been in your own backyard.

It’s strange to see the arranged entropy

of a life called everyday.

You see his age hewn in twain

and play with trucks beside him

driven by Power Rangers

attacked by Bentley the puppy who

always visits around two.

Yet now you know it will never be so easy

as “hello, do you like ice cream too?”

you are encouraged to greet and meet and gather

together all the faces that would have places in seats

consecutively,   birthday treats.

Presents are a shell

of reeses and nutmeg

surrounding the core of the things

causing memory

like smell.

Now, you’re an aged cheese

spread too thinly across what was to be a fresh loaf of destiny

but we all had to take bites

there might

have been another way, but I just wish we could have stayed and

cuddled in the wheat

when it was okay to be friends for nothing more

than a shared interest in Saturdays.

You sail on, and away

they made a song about it

and you wonder if his name was Paul

or if her name was Cheryl and she preferred Cherry.

Instead of urged to greet and be seated together

We break the tether if our eyes even meet.

You say natural

I say

the apricorn fell from the tree

and grew to forget

the meaning of being

a budding seed

because you can’t bud

without a buddy.


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