Ink and Step (Poem)

Ink is never so thick as its sister, thought.

Black until you blink and the images

enlighten the bold flavor of each story

falling from your ears,

drinking at the air surrounding

hydrated by voices of the passerby

and heated by their countenance.

Drip down into a smaller shoe

to walk a path most vital

back and forth, footstep froth

a journeyman’s recital

Every  single  night

you are bound.

You will feel the sound

on the beginnings of your veins

twisting through both the story you are

and the one you create.

Follow your own blue

for the red to truly swell.

Ascend and tell me how you fair

once your fingertips

taste every well.

You can fall.

The imprint of your ink will decide

whether or not it was a crash.


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