Mark in: Goodness (Fiction)

Mark made his merry way along the sidewalk. He passed a man whose hat began to fall, tipping it back up elegantly as he passed. The man clearly hadn’t realized it was going to fall, and gave Mark a look like he was a hooligan looking to ruffle the older gentleman. Mark shrugged and smiled, continuing to walk.

Mark strode past a convenience store and saw a homeless man shaking a large cup with coins banging against one another in a sad fashion. Mark stopped to think for a moment, then walked up to the homeless man. Mark took the cup from the man, poured out the coins into a small pouch, and gave it to the man. He then walked inside the store, filled the cup with water from the water fountain, and returned it to the homeless man. The man looked at him, confused. Mark smiled, and shrugged as he left. The homeless man took a small drink of the cup, then a larger drink, surprising himself.

Mark then found an animal shelter. He saw an employee carrying a large dog back inside, presumably because it appeared the dog had stepped in some fairly deep mud. The employee was seconds away from stepping in dog shit. Mark waltzed over to him and gave him a moderate push to the left. The man gave him a withering look. Mark shrugged, and carried on with his day.

Mark walked by a hospital, and decided to stop in. He changed a few bedpans, and even considered donating a kidney. however, he had already done so a few months back, so this time he decided he would be better suited to the world with at least one kidney of his own. He then tucked a few patients in, and was about to tell a depressed patient a simple story, but was shooed out of the building like a pigeon caught in porridge. He left the hospital grounds, smiling and striding energetically.

Mark found himself in front of a school. A bully happened to be doing their deed to a much smaller child. Mark went inside, walked into the principals office, and vehemently complained about the nasty words his God-fearing children were learning from that troublesome blonde boy. The principal huffed and puffed out to the playground, stopped the fight hastily, and asked who had been cursing. The kids looked at him in an honest and confused way that he actually believed this time around. He looked at the back of Mark’s head with a similar look of confusion, spiced up with a pinch of anger. Mark, as if on cue, put his hands up in the air innocently. The principal shook his head and went about his day.

Mark saw the sun setting, and so he returned home. He slept in an average bed at an average temperature, and dreamed simple dreams. In them, he would be on a sidewalk, and he could walk as long as he pleased.


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