The Sword64 (Poem)

I had to scream to get it.


I had to give up.


Crushed against the force of a strangely polygonal beast with no face,   no care,  few physics


and at the other end a fake sibling with the damaged goods enough to come back every few weeks as “Nick is fine now”


and yet,


“Do it for me, I can’t!”


“No, I’m not doing it for you! Look, you’ve got a heart left! It only takes a fourth. You can do it!”


Did Nintendo know?

A tear-streamed face would grab their bastardization of a controller

a trembling mouth would set to sound no more

and a soon-to-ever-lean control stick

would lead one set of growing fingers

to grasp for a blade rightly earned

and feel it there

despite the lack of handle?



that is what the extra grip is for.


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