God (Fiction)

I have created man and now I watch as the man sleeps. At once I witness days as they obey the rules of time and energy while breath proves fickle. They do not care whether the end I have set is real but instead care for the air I leave about their faces. Some do not enjoy the taste of water and this is a concern. I am all that is yet if everything is inadequate then I too am no more than useless. I tire of talking to the sun. I do not know which will bring more comfort for the creations as well as myself–the cold forevermore or unbearable warmth all at once. An end to the cycle will occur and it will be odd to think this “30-something” never got a chance to finish scratching his nose. And she will only know one shoe fits when time decides to stop. What will be known for certain is there will have been a point when that same nose itched and was scratched. That will have to have been enough.


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