The Farmer (Disconnected Series)

This series will not be presented in chronological order; it will be made up of snapshots of the larger story. Just sayin’. 

I dragged the hoe back along the stubborn dirt, aching from chest to fingertip. Nothing had ever been this grueling, this insane. I couldn’t believe my lungs were anything but collapsed, and the skin of my hands, while protected by gloves, was sure to fall off at any moment. I only stopped to wipe sweat from my furrowed brow, knowing that if I discontinued the infinitesimal bit of momentum propelling my willpower, I would fall to the ground and stay there until the following morning.

I liked this.

I also hated it, but that’s beside the point. Everything I did brought me closer to having a real home. I couldn’t give up, not while I was only beginning! I gripped the hoe and clenched my teeth, determined to finish readying my land for the seeds I had acquired in town.

My land. That certainly had a ring to it I could appreciate. The only land I could claim as my own back “home” was covered in carpet and sloth. This would change me. Hell, I was already changed! Look how strong I already–

A few hours later, I woke, spitting dirt from my open mouth.

I hurt. Bad.

I couldn’t tell really what hurt worse: my head, my muscles, or my ego. I could, however, say with confidence that all were screaming at me in anger and sadness.

I had fallen awkwardly onto the hoe, leaving a weird vertical bruise trailing from my hip up to my chest. It didn’t feel good like the muscle soreness did. That pain felt like it was there for something, working towards a better tomorrow. A loan to be paid off as I gained more muscular currency.

The bruise had arisen from sheer stupidity.

I sighed, looking out at what I had managed to accomplish.

“Well, guess that will have to do for now…”

The thing was, I didn’t believe myself.

The last patch of land left untilled taunted me. I couldn’t just let it get away with that!

Stiffly, I brought the hoe up and in front of my body as if in preparation for one last stand in a losing war. Dryly, my voice tumbled from my cracked lips. “Onward, to victory!”

My feet shuffled slowly against the sleeping grass. I liked to think it was finally on my side.

I tripped a bit.

“…you’ll come around.” I looked out across all that was now mine to conquer and bring to life. Every rock, tree, patch of unforgiving dirt. “You’ll all come to see things my way! I swear it by me own beatin’ heart!”

I stopped being a pirate, and went about my unfinished business.


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