50 Posts, 46 Followers — Basically Famous

Dang. Look at us go, team. We really are making strides here with this blog you’re all following.

Now, I’d like to address some issues. Sometimes, you guys don’t read things the exact second they come out. That’s pretty uncool, guys. We made a pact together. A blood pact. If you don’t read my posts exactly the moment they are posted, I gotta say, I can only stave off the Dark Lord Sserpdrow for so long.

Hey for real though thanks for being cool and following me for whatever reason. I hope I post stuff you like. I mean this genuinely! If you want more of a certain type of content, let me know, I will work on it. I do this for me mostly, but like, damn, those likes and follows look TASTY. I can’t help but sort of want to satisfy the people who are like, kind of fans of mine!

So yeah. Let me know what you think.

I really want to go Premium and make my site not look like deer poo, but y’know. I’ll get there! I promise you, and all future followers for that matter.

Young wishfinger, you should not make future-promises, this is a dangerous game you are pla–

Shutup, Sserpdrow!! No one even LIKES you!!

Edit: Had to change the title from 45 to 46, as I was publishing this. We’re on the upward swing, boys and girls. This blog is going all like boom pow zang!! straight to the moon, I tells ya.


3 thoughts on “50 Posts, 46 Followers — Basically Famous

  1. So famous. No joke. Also. You don’t have to go premium to make it look stylish. 😉 if you’re interested, I’m testing themes on a second blog. Not much to see yet but I’m trying to review them. The examples shown are butt ugly. 😛

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