Life is Fast and Nonsensical (Poem)

Rated PG-13 for language(I secretly don’t know how to tag it as such, so there you go).

This is also a bit different than my other stuff. I feel weird today. I bet you do sometimes, yeah? Well if it’s today, this is for you!…and, I mean, the rest of you too. Fuck, I….


Trip turned violet

learn and burn for curdled urns.


fast and vialed essence churns

out a separate reality where

trees do naught but listen and climb

while others tend to eat in the recesses of

icy caverns to sustain

every bit of sanity left within the

in betweens of their temples, they

have nothing to do really, that is to say–


I cannot recall a time

when every grained gleaning

started all to call at once for

the rapture of a separate universe and

knew that knowing led to one fact

–I shit you not, this will kill you when you read it–

that everything and nothing are exactly the same.

that all the things you’ve learned have already been learned

and that your death will only result in life.

what the fuck, right?

I don’t know myself,

I’m just here

with you

and we dance this stupid dance of

late bill payments

and broken assets

to one day lie on the side of a street wondering

how that fucking truck thought

going 70 in a 30 zone was even a little bit cool

but that’s fucking life for you

that’s how the cookie burns and floats away as ash

before even a single tongue

can taste what would have really happened

if one had just put chips in it

and wrapped it up

sent it to some child who

for the life of him,

couldn’t get a single sweet.

He deserved that cookie,

but it just burned away.

He doesn’t need anymore god damn



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