The Bubsy 3D Browser Game Will Change Your Life (Blog Post)

I….I am at a loss for words, ladies and gentleman. I don’t even know what to odd at this point.

Alright, look. A little context. Here I am, in my room, in this dingy little apartment complex. I’m freaking out about life, getting a new job, having to start paying loans soon–the works! I can’t sleep all night, and to top it all off, my Mother 3 file was deleted because I wasn’t logged in to Vizzed while playing it. I got really far too. Some of you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about surely. Vizzed is a great website to go play old games for free. Word of advice, though: make an account, and log the sam hill in. Trust me.

Anyway. Back to our tale, of me. The protagonist of this tall tale, the grand and fortunate hero of–ugh who gives a fuck. I’m near-panicking with fear of the future, and pour myself a nice rum and coke at 2:00a.m. Classy, I know. I watch some Hot Pepper Game reviews, and one of them leads me to this site of very odd games(which is weird, because tonight I ALSO watched Teens React play a game from the same developers…life, y u do dis). I went and played Room of 1000 Snakes to make myself feel less suicidal(yes, touchy subject, I know. I suffer from shit, I get to talk about it in a humorous manner. NYEH!).

Playing that, leads me to this. (But actually click the link to the video below this if you have no idea what Bubsy is in the first place, and even give any shits.)

Play it before you read the rest of this, if you so desire. It doesn’t work in Chrome, but screw Chrome, play it in Firefox or IE if you’re a Neanderthal.

This game…this game just legitimately changed my life.

I haven’t experienced this level of comedic genius since Rick and Morty. I think this game might top that show, but I am in the honeymoon phase after all, and haven’t played with all of the cheats that are apparently available.

But wow. Just…wow.

If you don’t know anything about Bubsy, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch this video.

Good. Now that you’re educated…wait, shit, I should have put that video before linking the game…Let’s do that real quick.

There. Good.

Anyway. This game starts as a simple parody of an incredibly awful game. It does a really good job at poking fun at it too!

But then…Oh. But then.

It turns into this parody-but-not-parody of art, this, this…masterpiece, that touches on the very deepest anxiety of most modern American youths, it…God, man. You played it, right? You watched the video and then you…? Whatever.

It made me cry. I don’t cry easily, and maybe it was just because I was in a fucked up state as things stood for me anyway, but…wow. I just think that if you are like me, and you use comedy as a method of coping, but you also have a creative side that doesn’t know when to be serious and when to joke around…I think this game is important. It touched me, and it’s literally a mockery of a mockery of a game. That is not a typo.

Play it. If you think I’m being stupid even after doing so, that’s fine. I feel stupid. But gosh dang if this game didn’t inspire me as a creative individual with internal splish splashery doing its darndest to bring me down.

I’d be happy to discuss this further. Comment below if you want to know more about what the hell I’m rambling about, or if you want to share how the game made you feel.

Also do so if you know who the bald-ish guy is supposed to be, because hell if I know.


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