The Sky, Rewritten

Crossing your chest is
the cloud’s instant message.

An emblem of ember’s bane,
serrated–face to nape.




it travels


your arms are unfolded parchment
and the sky
is writing its memoirs.

down your stomach…

if only the winds could sail you
toward dry land,  inkless

You are grounded,

the story of you, Earthen.

tame the blaze
or you will be
but a cloud, grounded.

The wings you lack

lie within

your fist.

become bird,
become sea,
a latent hydration
ember, remedied.





No matter the miles,

the thunder that sounds–

No matter what tomb

the womb enshrouds,

take hold of the lightning

your sky sends aground,

and shed from your flesh






(Old poem I didn’t publish when it was originally written. Slight edits, but nothing too crazy. Okay, that was once true. Now there have been significant edits. Anyway. Apologies if the quality is sub par in comparison to my more recent endeavors <3) 


(Art comes from


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