Fourth of July was Okay

Yay, independence! 

Look I get it. Important shit happened! I’ll never be able to understand exactly how significant gaining our independence as a nation is/was. I’ve come to terms with that. Thank you, Americans, past and present, for making this land I live in pretty sweet, despite the obvious flaws. 

We went to a municipal center by bus, the SO and I. It was alright. A few too many people asking us to sign things. A few too few stands with swag and samples. Didn’t bring enough blankets, or any chairs. Didn’t bring anything to do, either, which was apparently a big mistake. 

I haven’t done anything for this holiday in so long that I just didn’t know you needed certain things. At least I packed plenty of food and water, and brought a towel for us to lay on. It was cute, in a we-are-obviously-poor-or-stupid-or-both kind of way. 

The fireworks were cool. Hadn’t seen em in a decade, which brings me to the next point I have. Why the hell are they still the same? I mean I’m a fan of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and all, but geez. I saw those things before I was tall enough to get a plate for myself, and they’re the exact same?? The hell, America? Or at least Aurora. 

Some parents behind us brought their kids into the know on the classic “oooo, ahhh” reaction. Like, non-ironically. It went on for too long. 

The youngest was cute though. “Hello, 4th of July! I love youuu!” Over and over. I liked it. 

The kids were all awesome. They were all having the kind of fun I did when I was but a youngling. That was cool, as a thing that hasn’t changed. I expected more iPads in front of little faces, but nay!  Swordplay, pretend games, dancing! They were having a blast. 

Now we are back home. The bus ride was long, but we have donuts. Used my last three dollars to get us donuts. Bae took off her AMAZING makeup, and now we will commence to chill. 


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