Lost Pup

The pup barked, its voice bouncing between the willows. It strained itself, attempting to morph the shrill yipes into a strong howl. None such howl resulted, and the pup shivered.

A breeze came from behind, causing the young creature to stumble. Whistling through the wood, it caught the attention of a large, full grown wolf. She cocked her head at the odd sound of the twilit wind, and only then noticed she was short one child.

She released a frightful whine, leading it into a distressed howl. Echoing, it died out, falling and dissipating among the dusty underbrush.

She swallowed…waiting…

A strong, high pitched howl rang out in return.

The mother took off in the direction of it, the pup’s kin stumbling along behind her, playful still in the autumn chill.


Petal Breeze

Faint flickers of petal dust

strafing, brushing,   a

happenstance dance

between eyes,



Pleasant pink petals

bursting as blooms

yet,   more sweet,  less

look at me, I live.


A foray into sweat

summer day, unkempt.

Leaping once, beyond the startled stream



to splash.