No Story For the Wicked

It wouldn’t be long now before I met the final bitter moments of my short, pathetic life. What an ending–such a tragedy. I never got to be rich and famous for the sake of my mother’s smile. I patted at my pockets weakly–Out of cigarettes, too. What a uselessly cliche picture. Cue the noir music already, would ya?

That’s better.

Blood dripped from my busted lip, down my neck as I chuckled. I tried to move my legs, but couldn’t. The old man had proven to be more of a challenge than anyone I had ever  killed before. Someone that had gotten real attached to my character would say I’d won. Thankfully, there’s no chance of that. You can see as plainly as I can that this–this is no victory. This is a sad, sober man, bleeding out on a beautiful artisan rug in the rain.

Did I mention the roof had been blown out? Well, it had. I’m not exactly known for being less than showy. Especially not with such a big target.

Sometimes, people want you dead. That’s normal. People are assholes. Not a one that passes me on the street can say they truly deserve to live. Ha. They’ve all said some shit or pulled some shit that solidifies their soul as pure, brown and black, lifeless and smelly shit.

Maybe it comes with the territory. I’m sure folks are nice somewhere out there.

Anyway. This guy, laying right over there? Yeah. People wanted him really dead. They wanted him so dead, his sorry excuse for a spirit couldn’t even take a step towards the pearly gates to ask forgiveness. He didn’t deserve that. No one who ever shook his hand did either, but that’s just me. I made sure none of them would ever get that chance. Especially him.

Now I’m no saint. You might think I’m a good guy for at least ridding the city of this asshole, but trust me when I say this rain-ridden evening is witnessing the departure of two villainous scumbags.

Probably why I don’t have a cigarette. God hates smokers, I can tell you that much about the big guy.

I cough and gag as the cough causes the blood in my mouth to choke me. I cough some more, half on blood, half on laughter.

“This…this right here…” I gurgle out a few useless last words.


Sirens. Naturally. The last thing a criminal wants to hear before passing on. Such bullshit. The hell is this body doing, not bleeding out faster? I punch at my chest, but my arm doesn’t have the strength to expedite the process like I was hoping. With my last bit of energy, I grab my signature hat, and lay it at my side. For all the good times and the terrible, rain-ridden nights, this hat was there. You’d know that, if you knew my story.

I gave one last look to the lighter across the room. Etched with the runes of passing, I could still see the bastard’s soul in there, trying to escape. Trying to keep this tale alive, to be told another time.

Sadly, there’s no story to tell. Not anymore. It dies with me, rotten and alone. Shame, really. There were a couple funny parts, and you would’ve…you would’ve liked em…



Art is an edited piece from, and is not my original work.


Life is Fast and Nonsensical (Poem)

Rated PG-13 for language(I secretly don’t know how to tag it as such, so there you go).

This is also a bit different than my other stuff. I feel weird today. I bet you do sometimes, yeah? Well if it’s today, this is for you!…and, I mean, the rest of you too. Fuck, I….


Trip turned violet

learn and burn for curdled urns.


fast and vialed essence churns

out a separate reality where

trees do naught but listen and climb

while others tend to eat in the recesses of

icy caverns to sustain

every bit of sanity left within the

in betweens of their temples, they

have nothing to do really, that is to say–


I cannot recall a time

when every grained gleaning

started all to call at once for

the rapture of a separate universe and

knew that knowing led to one fact

–I shit you not, this will kill you when you read it–

that everything and nothing are exactly the same.

that all the things you’ve learned have already been learned

and that your death will only result in life.

what the fuck, right?

I don’t know myself,

I’m just here

with you

and we dance this stupid dance of

late bill payments

and broken assets

to one day lie on the side of a street wondering

how that fucking truck thought

going 70 in a 30 zone was even a little bit cool

but that’s fucking life for you

that’s how the cookie burns and floats away as ash

before even a single tongue

can taste what would have really happened

if one had just put chips in it

and wrapped it up

sent it to some child who

for the life of him,

couldn’t get a single sweet.

He deserved that cookie,

but it just burned away.

He doesn’t need anymore god damn