(Poems of Pluto 5) Sol Sighs

Fuck me up, Sun.

Tear away the atmospheres between us

let them fall and crisp into nothing

around our mismatched feet.


Destroy me.

Show this simple asteroid how

the single most inspirational star in the sky

moves when the moon is on duty.


I will forgo any semblance of release

as long as, just once,

I hear that true sigh of spring’s awakening,

feel that hot breath

summer wishes it could possess.


Bite at me–

grip with all your strength at my

$20 sheets as I

teach you what the other planets mean when they say,



Lay your hips upon mine

teach me the definition of those

convective motions.


Let us test how far

the largest source of energy in the solar system

can take us in one night.


I know, I know.

The protection I’ve brought isn’t exactly

designed to handle temperatures

anywhere close to 6,000 Kelvin.

Nor is the rest of me.


I can only hope

my ears

are the last part of me

to melt.




On YouTubers and True Satisfaction (Blog Post)

Do you ever try to spend a day watching YouTube videos and think to yourself, “wow, I’m such an unproductive asshole. This person is making me laugh constantly, and they’re doing the same for thousands of other people, every single day”?

Really does a number on my immersion.

I tend to feel as if the YouTubers I find entertaining are super good at two things: being funny, and having great cameras and lighting. It would be really fun to try and be that first thing, but I would be so aware of the lack of quality in production that I would effectively smash my own immersion into tiny little pieces.

I like finding lots of unfunny things and hearing my mind go “psh I could be so much better than that, I’ll be famous in no time.” Then when I see things that make me bust up laughing, the same part of my mind goes “…oh shit…OI, SHEIT, YEW HAVEN’T GOT A CHANCE EEN ‘ELL.”

Anyway. I really want to start and channel and make an attempt at being entertaining. Like, even if I’m not, at least I finally stopped sipping on vodka and lemonade for a second to try and follow my dreams.

If you’re reading this, you should do me a favor. Go follow your damn dreams. Do something, anything today. Today! Even if it is super small and seemingly inconsequential. No one cares if you spent all day watching YouTube videos; that’s a totally reasonable thing for a human being to do. But think about how you feel about it. Have you done enough to further yourself on your desired path to warrant some snot bubbles and oopsie-poopsies? Maybe you have. If that’s true, fuck you, I’m really jealous of you right now. Also, right on. Keep it up.

If you’re more like me and are having trouble getting to that particular stage of self-development, well then, c’mon yo. DO something! Just do it. The hardest part is starting, but once you do, then you’re there. You’re in the gosh darn battlefield of productivity, for the glory of true satisfaction! It really doesn’t even matter how hard you fight. It is certainly better if you fight as hard as you can. Still, if you’re there, that’s the main thing. You’re trying. You’re a god damn hero, because you’re putting your energy towards something that matters to you. Damn. Go makeout with yourself. You’ve earned it.

Me? I’ll try to get on it. I have several dreams, and a lot of them feel pretty unattainable. But hey! I’m going to try, somehow. Maybe. We’ll see.

Do something.