(Poems of Pluto 5) Sol Sighs

Fuck me up, Sun.

Tear away the atmospheres between us

let them fall and crisp into nothing

around our mismatched feet.


Destroy me.

Show this simple asteroid how

the single most inspirational star in the sky

moves when the moon is on duty.


I will forgo any semblance of release

as long as, just once,

I hear that true sigh of spring’s awakening,

feel that hot breath

summer wishes it could possess.


Bite at me–

grip with all your strength at my

$20 sheets as I

teach you what the other planets mean when they say,



Lay your hips upon mine

teach me the definition of those

convective motions.


Let us test how far

the largest source of energy in the solar system

can take us in one night.


I know, I know.

The protection I’ve brought isn’t exactly

designed to handle temperatures

anywhere close to 6,000 Kelvin.

Nor is the rest of me.


I can only hope

my ears

are the last part of me

to melt.




Ponder Lust

Warped warmth and worry

tucked away discretely

like a Saturday nap.


Hello, and

have you had your daily brain drought?

I simply wondered



The apple in your eye

fell from the same galaxy

as the moon between my teeth.

I’m calling to your laugh lines

from a mixed up part of my

seventh–“seventh”– song.

You can hear clearly

the part where I falter

the part where my breath remembers

every droplet lost

from the last lash

your final glance

refreshed my sky with.


If that weren’t enough

to fertilize

the blatantly dry

grasslands of your

cloth           draft,


then know

seriously, know


I’ve always wanted stormy seams.