Singing to a thousand faces

I toss every voice I know into

a void of endless smiles

of pains, felt along the crevices of

otherhood, womanhood, manhood.

The misplaced fist of oppression

deigning itself an authority

as if the very fact that it is a fist

gives it power.


I feel your lips,

opening to release any amount of faith

into this unforgiving plane of

anonymous palms,

knuckles laced with


and iron.


I see you all there,

still smiling.

You’ve been hurt too many times to

release such blooms of

every single color

that ever made

a heart swell.

Yet, here you are.

Perhaps your mouths aren’t

spread, but pursed.

You can’t fool me, loved one.

You’re still smiling.

Beneath your glowing face

is an even brighter being of

calm acceptance.


“My time has not come.

I cannot soar as easily as those

born with the ‘correct’ structure,

the ‘optimal’ wingspan,

decided long ago by birds

too tricked by their own ‘flight’

to consider swimming

to even whisper the word, no–

they would rather the world had no water at all

than accept there are those of us

who swim.

And yet here I am.

The sky is no longer out of reach, for

our hearts have become the sky.

Together, we swim in our own

grinning, multicolored ocean.

For you see,

you silly, two-winged, single-beaked birds,

There was never flight.

There was only travel.

You put that name there

to keep us out

to make us feel as if

we could never touch the clouds.


I say this with love–

fuck you.

We will bring the clouds down here with us

and playfully dress them up

as your enraged fists.

Watch as they burst into nothingness

against the waves crashing

over our pool party.

Maybe once you accept Travel,

and calm down about your

traditional wingspan–

which NO ONE is attacking, by the way–

maybe then you can come to our party.


But you had better bring

a shit ton of floaties

and be prepared to accept

that every single one of us

was born beneath this sky

and none of us have the right

to define




Errant Fable

A striking resemblance to time turned dark

Entrails of embraces left beyond the reach of

feinted countenance, and

misguided     fits


Stranded across the palm of a tide

beaches burrowing beneath their wise grains

empty stories told

by the last     hourglass


Entropy, and symphony.

Such is the tumble of scotch

down the throat of the aching, erring world.

It strikes the stomach with its

unadorned mane

gold to the touch, but

warm to the vein.


Float   glide   glisten



You’ve gone errant, fable.

The final known is irrevocably sewn.

Things I Hate (Blog Post)

How about a list format for you lovely people, pressed for time as you surely are? I know I am! Got some Mother 3 to get back to playing!

A lot of things have been piling up in my head, culminating in a huge lump of undeniably toxic emotion. There are many good-like things going on in our modern day, what with homosexuality and different races being more accepted overall(seriously, why was this ever a problem? Who was the asshat that decided the color of your skin and what you do with your own genitalia is anyone else’s business ever? Fuck that guy.), approaches to environmental consciousness being taken more seriously(again, what the actual hell), you name it.

Be that as it may, sometimes, you notice that the modern world is still a bit screwy. Here is a small list of things that bother me!

P.S.: I don’t know that it will be small. I will start, and Tehlu knows when I will stop.

  • U.S. Education System
  • The mentality that everyone should go to college
  • College debt
  • College
  • Homelessness
  • Rude mucka luckas
  • U.S. Healthcare System
  • TSA
  • NSA
  • Corporate greed
  • Money!
  • People who walk -just- fast enough to still be in your way, and remain a nuisance to get around
  • Animal cruelty
  • Child cruelty
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Old rich white guys who run things and only make decisions based on how profitable the outcome will be
  • The two-party system
  • Sexism
  • Really pretty much anyone who is irrational and hates people for no god damn reason
  • Mosquitoes
  • Wallet-thieves(I will find you, mark my words)
  • The YouTube comment section
  • Also the YouTube new algorithm that screws over certain content creators, i.e. animators
  • Rent
  • Debt, again
  • Not having my own land
  • The 40 hour work week
  • Minimum wage
  • How you have to know someone to get a decent job these days, rather than get one based on being fucking amazing
  • Formality. Why the hell can’t we just be our damn selves? The hell is curse word going to do to your classy affair, or to my chances of earning a job title? Literally I’m just making sounds with my mouth.
  • Corrupt police officers. Who let these guys on the force? Why do they get off scott-free for their crimes? The hell?
  • Acne scarring
  • Stepping in puddles
  • Hashbrowns!! Not the actual finished delicious amazing product, but my inability to bring about this majestic dish to its deserved fruition
  • “Alpha” male types. You know the one.
  • Torn muscles
  • Sleep, and the difficulty thereof
  • Cilantro

Alright so, maybe not all of those things really make the world a worse place, but for me they most certainly do. What are some things you hate? What do you agree with, or hate me for saying I hate? C’mon! Let’s get it all out! RAAAHHH!!

I am not liable for any aneurysms that may or may not arise from your being reminded of the terrible-awful-no-good things that are an unfortunate part of our silly, silly world.